Spring Machinery

feed roller, quill, liner, cutting tools, center guides, with h.s.s and precision carbide according to machine standarts or as per customers drawing.

Spring Wire

-          Cusn6 and Cusn8 phosfor bronze spring wire.


-          0,15mm up to 24,00mm BS EN 10270-1:2001 Steel wire for mechanical springs. Patented cold drawn unalloyed spring steel wires.


SL Grade for low tensile strength on static duties

SM Grade for medium tensile strength on static duties

SH Grade for high tensile strength on static duties

DM Grade for medium tensile strength on dynamic duties

DH Grade for high tensile strength on dynamic duties

-          Oil Tempered Cr-si and Cr-V Spring Steel wire for the springs for high duty dynamic springs.


-          AISI 302/304/310/316 Spring steel wire(Sus Wire)





From 0,15mm up to 36,00mm all kinds of Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Wire Forms, Tension Springs, Custom Springs.

Diamond Dressing Tools

are mainly used to rework on the grinding stones in the metal industry. We supply single diamond dressing tools as well as multi dressing tools beging from 0.3 karat up to 6 karat.

Advantages of diamond dressing tools


Offers important advantages of Master diamond dressing tools and delivers outstanding benefits for critical applications for re-grinding at metal industry as well as reduces production costs.

Trimming dies

are used to thread hex head bolts and  the other customized bolts. Trimming dies are manufactured under control of formation, heat threatment, grinding lastly Cvd coatings (mainly tin coated) or plain type.

In our stocks available at any time of trimming dies for M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22 and the other custom sizes according to technical drawings.

End mills

is a high precision tools for metal industry and are manufactured by High Speed Steels or Solid Carbide End Mills for hardened steels. Solid carbide end mills are mainly machining for hardened / threated metals at the minimum hardness level of 50 Rockwell. 

Solid carbide end mills are manufactured with pvd coatings to improve the reliability. End mills Pvd coatings are Plain, Tin, Ticn, Alcona, Tialn, Altin coating, and Naco Blue coated for hardened steels up to 75 Rockwell steels.

In our warehouse we have stocks of One Flute, 2 flute, 3 Flute, 4 flute, 6 flute, Ball Nose End Mills, Long Shank 4 Flute End mills, Square End Mills, Aluminium Alloy End Mills, Roughing End Mills, Micro End Mills as well as the others.

For more details and catalogs your inquires are mostly welcome for quotation.

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